Maintaining your Rollers

One of the most frustrating components of turf equipment maintenance has to be rollers. It is a constant battle to keep the lubrication in and dirt and or contaminants out. There has to be hundreds of suppliers manufacturing rollers with bearings, without bearings, rollers made of high impact plastics, rollers that are composed of solid steel, rollers with inner seals, rollers with water pump bearings, tapered bearings and ball bearings. Over 30 years of experience in servicing mowers has taught us one thing; there is no easy solution to keeping the roller bearings from premature failure. A lot of maintenance technicians have their own solutions to this problem. Some of the preventative measures are just plain old fashioned regular greasing, while some involve leaving the seals in the ball type bearings. The high impact plastic rollers work well as long as you continuously adjust the end play. This is not easy to do in some applications without removing the roller. To resolve this problem cost effectively there is a very easy fix for rollers that take the LM 11949 & LM 11910 taper bearing. Considering that usually when these type of bearings fail, the seals, wear sleeves and shafts will need replacing, which can be fairly costly per roller and especially when you have 2 or 3 to repair at once.

Our solution is based on the labour and parts required to repair the roller verses the down time .

If the roller requires all seals, bearings and a shaft, we have a replacement bearing that is an inexpensive retro-fit. This ball bearing will install in most rollers in place of the taper bearings. It is sealed and forgiving enough to allow you to quickly repair your worn shaft. We have found in most cases that this ball bearing will last the season without any greasing, allowing the tech to deal with the replacement issue in the off season.

These bearings are available from our parts department at a cost of about $ 12.99 ea.

For further information please give us a call.

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